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Part no. WM500

Introducing the Powder Coating Curing Oven


The Powder Coating Curing Oven is custom designed to ensure an incredibly quick turnaround of repairs.
The Powder Coating Oven is designed for rapid curing of powder coated alloy wheels. It is capable of curing two wheels per cycle. The oven ensures high energy efficiency, good thermal insulation, accurate temperature control and uniformity, easy operation and a reliable control system. The outer casing of the machine is made of high-quality steel, the inner liner is made of galvanized plate, the inner casing and the outer casing are filled with thermal insulation material, and the sealing door between the door and the body is made of silicone. The heating unit is installed at the bottom of the chamber. The forced air system consisting of the blower motor and the air duct circulates the hot air to the working chamber to achieve the desired uniformity in the working chamber.


Voltage / frequency 380V/50HZ
Power  ≤6 kw
Temperature range 25~250°C
Temperature accuracy ±1
External Dimensions (H×W×L) 1290×1070×1065
Shutdown Timed
Partition  3 block
Temperature protection Automatic shut-down
Timing range (min or hour) 1~999
Internal Dimensions (H×W×L) 1000×800×800